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Sweet Mother of Zombie Jesus O_O

9 Nov

Oh my goodness. The last time I posted here was more than 2 months ago.

You may be asking, “Where’d you go?” or “What happened?” or more likely, “Why didn’t you post a follow-up to that sweet-ass entry entitled A September to Remember?”

Well, dear readers, (or is it reader?), question no more. For I am back and better than ever.

More posts to come in the next few days. Hopefully this time, I don’t disappear for months again.


The Pains of Being A Closet Gamer

4 Sep

First things first, what is a closet gamer? Well a closet gamer is one who is an avid gamer but hides this fact from others as to prevent social ostracism.

Sad to say, but I was a closet gamer. Whenever someone would ask me what my interests were, my answers would be either basketball or ninjas. Usually basketball. If I were to even utter one word about gaming, they would instantly look at me in the same manner one would look at rotting mashed potatoes.

Looking back at that, I now see that what I was doing was utter horse manure. Who were they to tell me what was normal behavior? I mean, aren’t we all geeks at heart? I have my addiction to games and you have your addiction to football stars. Are we really so different? Is it right to outcast someone just because their passions aren’t like yours?

So if you are a gamer still stuck in that little closet of yours, come out now. How the hell are you supposed to fit your PS3/Xbox/Wii in that cramped space?

First Post

4 Sep

So I’ve finally decided to combine my avid love for gaming and my talent for writing and started a gaming blog. This is where I’ll post random ravings, ramblings, and musings about games, gaming, and the gaming world. Although as it is my site, don’t be surprised to find a stray kitten or talking dinosaur here and there. Or lots of ninjas. Definitely lots of ninjas.

Look! Ninjas! :D

Look! Ninjas! 😀

Where was I? Oh right. And so as I post this post aptly entitled “First Post”, I say hello to the internet world.  Please be nice.